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Good Soil Fertility is Essential For

• Healthy Plant Growth

• Reduced Pest and Diseases

• Improved Fruiting and Cropping

• Improved Flavour

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Soil Test Now

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(Including a FREE Soil Life Survey)

Each test comes with a full report with recommendations to ‘Improve Your Soil Fertility’


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“ I decided to use The Fertile Earth Consultancy, because I noticed that some of my plants in my garden looked washed out, faded green and turning yellow.”

Mr Schumann (London)



A UK Company Promoting Sustainable Soil Fertility and a Healthy Environment




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Soil Test - £47

Orgamin - £7.99

Actiferm - £19.99

Vulcamin - £7.99

Smelleeze - £9.99


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Pest and Diseases




Pest and diseases are symptomatic of poor soil fertility and are not the real problem, they are simply feeding on poorly growing plants.

Order a soil test from us,

‘The Fertile Earth Consultancy’,

And we will establish the underlying causes of the pest or disease.

A healthy soil is a healthy plant.



Compost Your Food Waste

Every year millions of tonnes of food waste gets wasted and ends up in landfill or incinerated, when it can be turned into compost to be used in the garden.

Purchase a pair of Bokashi Food Waste Recycling Bins from us, ‘The Fertile Earth Consultancy’, and reap the benefits of your food waste as a nutritional plant food for your garden.








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For Smelly Drains and Waste Pipes  

Toilets, Sinks and Shower Units etc.

To Relieve Smelly Odours

and  Blockages.

Soil Testing Services
Soil Testing Services
Bokashi Bins For Food Waste Composting




1 Litre - £9.99



Organic Plant Foods, Garden Fertilizers and Other Products


Organic Plant Foods, Garden Fertilizers and other products


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Environmental Products

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